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Let's welcome the newest members of Forgotten Chest together! Any significant item I acquire is introduced here before it takes its place in the relevant section. The list is in order from newest to oldest.

The Neverhood OST

23th April 2022

One of my favourite video game soundtrack albums! It really wasn't easy to find this one though. This CD is only available on ebay every 5-6 years and at pretty high prices, and fate smiled on me finally.

The composer, Terry Scott Taylor, is really a marvelous composer with his unique style. Every single song in this album is differently entertaining, so was the game itself. Sigh, what a classic The Neverhood was...

Bronze Freeman

19th February 2022

How you ever seen this figure of Gordon Freeman before? Simon from Taiwan told me that it's a promo item given to those who pre-ordered some kind of a special Half-Life Collector's Edition release in Taiwan around 2000. It's a copper figure with 17cm height and almost 1kg weight, only 1000 of which were made. Time has rusted it a little, but it looks great now after I cleaned the green layer of corrosion on some parts.

A valued present from a valued person. If you ever read this, thank you very much once again, Simon!

Age of Empires 2 - Trebuchet Figure

2nd February 2022

There are only rumors about this figure on internet. As far as I know, it is a promotional item that was planned to be included with the Age of Empires 2 Collector's Edition, but was removed from the package at the last minute as it was determined to be dangerous for young players. It's not for me to criticize this decision, but it's true that it has a spring mechanism that can make really strong shots for a toy of this size.

I just consider myself extremely lucky to have found a sealed one 20+ years later. I will post the final image in the Merchandise section after I assemble it.

Prince of Persia: WW Figure

17th January 2022

For many years I looked for an action figure from the Prince of Persia video game franchise, but never found anything. I know that there are some from the movie, but I was fully convinced that nothing was ever produced for the video games -- before I met this guy on ebay.

An ebay seller was trying to sell his figure for around $500 with the tag "EXTREMELY RARE". I made a quick search on internet and found out that there's really an action figure produced for PoP: Warrior Within in some Asian countries, such as China, Singapore and Korea, and is not even rare at all in this region. It didn't take much time until I found some nice sellers in some nice Asian online-shopping pages who own this figure.

To cut a long story short, it doesn't really make an item "EXTREMELY RARE" when a seller wants to call it so. At the end of the day I bought this beautiful figure for only $20 + shipping, not $500.

New Collectibles

30th July 2021

My latest package that contains some collectibles from Age of Mythology, Bioshock, Splinter Cell etc. arrived today... I really love this feeling. Regardless of the importance, cost or rarity, the childlike happiness experienced in every new package received in the mail must be the most enjoyable part of collecting something. If you haven't already, you should also try making your own specific collection. It's never too late for that, and you'll not regret.

Squishy Morte

5th October 2020

I recently got Planescape: Torment EE Collectors Pack. Once I opened the package, this dude came to me floating in the air and said: "Hey, chief. You okay? You playing corpse or you putting the blinds..."

Yeah, that's the replica of Morte, the flying skull who taunts around and accompanies The Nameless One on his journey in Planescape: Torment universe. This one is called "Morte, Skull-Shaped Slow Rising Squishy" in the package description. So, whether you squeeze it, or crush it or punch it, it comes back to its original shape. Not sure if Morte really deserves so much violence, but it really is a clever merch item indeed.

A letter from a year ago

28th September 2020

Oh boy... In October 2019, about a year ago today, I traded some Age of Empires: ECG cards with a fellow from USA. I was really excited about this trade since those were some of my only missing cards, and actually quite difficult ones to find even in early 2000s. Sender wanted to take the risk and ship the package without tracking, and then murphy's laws came true once again. Months passed but this package that I looked forward to receive was never delivered. As a result, the trade was inevitably cancelled in the end.

This is September 2020 now, and I found an unexpected letter in my postbox. I opened it, and the note inside made my day. It says: "This is from Sept 2019. Sorry I opened it. I didn't realize that it was a mistake."

Well, I don't even know if I should feel mad at this mysterious neighbour for opening someone else's package and keeping it for no reason for so long time, or thankful for bringing my cards safe and sound in the end. Man, we're really living in a world with full of weirdos.

Age of Empires 3 - Ship Model

7th February 2020

Some people aren't really aware how rare an item in the palm of their hands actually is. This beautiful Age of Empires 3 ship model didn't seem more than a garbage when I received it, and made me really wonder how the previous owner stored it.

I needed to repair it with care and then even built a frame with wooden sticks and nylon to ensure its safety. It looks as good as it deserves on my shelf now.

Age of Empires: ECG Boosters

20th December 2019

I just got bunch of Age of Empires: Expandable Card Game Booster packs. To be honest, I don't even have any hope to find my missing cards in these packages, but gathering some extra cards for the future trades is always good idea.

Each booster package contains 6 Common, 4 Uncommon and 2 Rare cards for a total of 12 cards. According to the description, the odds of obtaining a foil card are 1 in 18.

Age of Empires: ECG Starter Decks

23rd April 2019

How many of you knew AoE has a card game adaptation as well? Age of Empires: Expandable Card Game was published in 2000. It has 9 starter decks in total, and like most of other collectible card games, it consists of different rarity of cards such as, common, uncommon, rare, promo, foil etc.

Actually I met this game around 6-7 years ago the first time, and purchased my first starter deck shortly after. I simply loved the concept, but after figuring out that it's almost impossible to collect every single card in this game, I gave up the idea of collecting before even starting.

Short time ago I met Alan, a card game geek from Spain, on a platform I've been following for a long time. He was selling all 9 AoE: ECG Starter Decks (still sealed) for a fair price. I jumped on it, of course, and this is the day I received the package. It's my first CCG experience, let's see how it'll turn out.


16th September 2018

I've been buying Soundtrack CDs for years, but it's the first time I've come across a release that comes with a physical merch. Rockstar Games offers 3 CDs of original soundtrack, unique retail box, and a USB stick looks like a gold bar in this set. I really like it.

Age of Empires: DE OST

3rd May 2018

Check out what I won in the latest Age of Empires Facebook page giveaway! Followers were asked to share a screenshot of their "most magnificent Age of Empires kingdom", and I was one of the 3 winners. The joy I felt when I read the message announcing that I had won was worth remembering!

This is the screenshot I participated with to get this limited Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Soundtrack CD. Legends never get old, indeed ;)

GTA: San Andreas OST Box Set

16th September 2017

I finally managed to get this awesome set! CJ would be proud!

Half-Life Retail Box

29th August 2017

Finally got myself a retail box version of Half-Life. This one is neither rare nor expensive in the market even today, but has the undeniable importance of being the pioneer of a legend in the gaming industury.

GTA: Vice City OST Box Set

11th March 2017

Great soundtrack set from a great game. Actually I already had US version of GTA: Vice City OST Box Set, but I've been looking for an opportunity to replace it with the EU version ever since I heard that there are more tracks in it. As far as I know, some songs have been removed from the US version due to some licensing issues.

Salutations to everyone who has "V-Rock" in their "Most Favorite Radio Station" game stat! \m/

Counter-Strike: GO PC-DVD

22nd October 2016

I haven't even played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yet. However, after hearing that a digitally distributed game in my collection has a physical release too, my collector nature forced me find it and buy it wherever it is. After a long search, I found out that English PC Retail was available only in India. It really wasn't easy to have it delivered from there, and I'm so happy to finally meet a cooperative seller who helped me get this limited release.

For those wondering what's inside, it has just a reference card with typical instructions and the CD-key written on it, and the disc itself the scan of which I'll upload in my CD Collection page soon.

Ensemble Studios: More Music from the Ages

12th May 2016

Music from the Ages by Stephen Rippy had great songs from Age of Empires, but not all. This album named MORE Music from the Ages that contains the remaining hits from Age of Empires 1 and 2. Simply awesome!

Planescape: Torment OST

9th January 2016

This is the only physical release of Planescape: Torment Soundtrack. It was published in Poland, and was included only with some Collector's Edition releases in early 2000s. The game itself is a masterpiece, with the soundtrack worthy of it.

Worms: Armageddon OST

29th October 2015

Bjorn Lynne is a great musician, and did a great job in Worms sondtracks. I am very happy to find this Worms: Armageddon Soundtrack album signed by him! Too bad he didn't take part in the newer Worms games.

Ensemble Studios: Music from the Ages

9th October 2015

Being a musician is an admirable thing. But being a talented, humble, gentle and helpful musician is something else. Huge thanks to Stephen "Big Al" Rippy, the composer of Age of Empires series and many other great titles, for sending me such an awesome album with his signature on its cover!


29th May 2015

This was my first time of buying a Soundtrack CD from Video Game and Anime Music Database, aka. VGMdb. If you're into video game soundtracks, you'll find all the information you'd need in VGMdb.com, and several other soundtrack collectors and contributors. They're the best.

Myst 4: Revelation OST

15th March 2015

I've been looking for this CD for quite a long time on ebay, but had not luck. Finally one day I found it on Amazon USA. However, the problem was, Amazon didn't offer Paypal support, and I didn't have a credit card to buy from there. So, I started looking for some alternative solutions on the internet, and that's where my prepaid virtual credit card torture has started.

Nothing too dramatic happened, fortunately, but I learned that not every virtual service provider is reliable. They didn't complete my transaction for 2 months due to some "malfunctions" in their system, which meant 2 damn months the seller had wait for his payment. I just can't thank him enough for his absolute patience and understanding.

In the end, I got my money from that company back, paid the seller his money by a normal credit card, and received the CD with almost 3 months of delay. I'm sure, you can imagine how important this CD is for me now :)

Edit in 2020: That online credit card company has been shut, and now Amazon offers various payment options including Paypal, finally.

Prince of Persia EU Retail

25th January 2015

This is Prince of Persia dual pack release that contains both of 5,25" and 3,5" floppy disk versions. It's published in Europe by Domark Software Ltd. in 1990. It's a rare gem which is almost impossible to find nowadays. Phew, it wasn't easy to get this one.

Need for Speed 5 OST

12th December 2014

This special bundle was released in Germany in 2003 for the 40th anniversary celebration of Porsche 911. It's called "40 Jahre 911 Bundle" and comes as a unique metal box with NFS Porsche 2000 (Porsche Unleashed in USA) game itself, and the official soundtrack of the game which is the reason I got it.

NFS:HP "EA Crew Edition"

10th November 2014

I hate the word "Edition" in most multimedia products, especially in video games (long story). I don't collect any edition if I have the initial version of the game, but this one caught my attention differently. After seeing that it's called "EA Crew Edition", and that it's so popular on all over the e-commerce platforms, I decided to buy and check what it's all about.

I received it today. It actually has nothing special except some additional cars... and the notes like "for EA personnel only", "only for our employees", "not for resale", "entirely exclusive" etc. on all over the box. After a time it feelt like I'm holding something that I'm not supposed to, lol. I'm not sure if EA really has millions of employees out there and all are selling their copies on internet, or if there's something wrong behind this release. Intriguing...

Myst Retail Box

17th May 2014

Myst is an adventure classic that never gets old. Boxed version takes its place is my shelf now.

"The" Need for Speed Retail Box

22nd March 2014

Boxed version of the very first NFS game is here! Road & Track automotive magazine presented this golden-laying chicken of the racing games in 1994, far before I was blessed with a personal computer by my parents. Although I met NFS series the first time with NFS2, I found this one also quite successful for its time.

Worms Retail Box

1st November 2013

Did you know that Worms was developed for a programming competition, and was called "Total Wormage" at first? Initial version released by Team 17 in 1995 only for Amiga, and then they ported it for DOS and other platforms. Today I finally got both of floppy and CD versions.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena

11th July 2013

Everyone knows about Morrowind, Oblivion and especially Skyrim very well nowadays, but how many of you (except veteran gamers) is familiar with the very first game of The Elder Scrolls series? This legendary franchise started with TES:Arena in 1994. Its strong RPG elements, huge lore, several quests, infinite game world, day/night cycle technology etc. brought TES:Arena many awards back then.

According to the officials, the initial release sold 3000 units only, but the number is increased to at least one million over the years. And this is the moment I add the retail-box version into my collection, finally.

Mortal Kombat Classic Series OST

10th April 2013

I still can't believe how I acquired these two rare gems! I received them from such a cool Turkish collector from the USA. These discs contain all those exciting soundtracks in the Mortal Kombat classic series. The first album has the tracks from the 1st and the 2nd games, and the second album has the tracks from the 3rd and 4th games.

Diablo Figure

20th June 2012

I fall prey to nostalgic tastes very easily. I've been playing Diablo 2 so often lately, and realized that I'm kind of a Diablo fanboy. Diablo franchise is more than just a video game, so I wanted to check what a Diablo guy can find on ebay, and then this fellow popped up to me. I said why not, and bought it.

You're looking at the very first computer game action figure that I bought. Looks great, doesn't it?

Commandos OST

8th December 2011

I bought these beauties from RosebudBandaSonora.com, very nice online soundtrack store based in Spain. I love some of the Commandos soundtracks a lot, and I was actually intended to rip them from the game files at first. Then some Google searches brought me the cover designs of these soundtrack albums. When I looked closer at those scans, I saw the address RosebudBandaSonora.com on them, and then visited the webpage, and bingo!

I really was excited about the delivery of these CDs, and today I received them without any issue. All three CDs contain awesome music from the game. Commandos 2 OST disc even has a special mix from Commandos:BTCOD too. These Commandos albums are the first OST CDs in my collection (except for the AoE OST CD that I bought as a kid).

Very first FIFA game ever

23rd May 2010

EA Sports began the FIFA series in 1993 with this game. It was pretty ground-breaking, as it used isometric technology, instead of 16-bit style which was popular at the time. The game only included national teams, and real player names were not used.

CD version released a bit after the floppy version with the additional improvements of AI algorythms and in-game commentary courtesy of David Anthony "Tony" Gubba.

Age of Empires Retail Box

18th January 2010

Look at this beauty! Age of Empires has been in my life since 1997. I have its home-made duplicate, jewel case version, and even the cereal promo, but never had the chance to get the boxed version -- until now. You're looking at my all time favourite video game. Behold!

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