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Well, there's no doubt that Do-It-Yourself stuff, aka DIY, is in its golden age today. It's hard not to be impressed by the talents of some people especially on Youtube where I also have several artists whose works I follow closely. I can't dare to compare myself with those who do their works professionally, of course, but it is true that DIY & Crafts has a place in my hobbies as well.

Neither I nor my tools are pro, and the things I publish here are no more than fun stuff only. Feel free to take a look at them, and just click the question marks near the item names to see some photos from the progress, if there is any.

Flowers Table

We had our house recently renovated, and there was a lot of wood left over. I had decided with my father to make a small coffee table by using saw and hammer, and this is how it turned out. Combined with my mother's flowers, a beautiful decoration was added to our terrace.

Bird's Nest

I wanted to make a little present for the birds that make my summer holiday even more relaxing with their singing. I found a wooden plate in the basement that serves no purpose, got some nails, and then crafted this. Years and weather conditions have worn it down, but it has been a home to many winged fellows, and it still is.

Wine Rack

My father just started making his own wine as a hobby. After seeing his need of a rack to store the bottles safely, and recovering some wooden pergola scraps from the carpenter, I made this.

Customized Display Case

I've been thinking about a proper storage option for the small merchandise items in my collection. Finally I decided to buy pin display cases, and customize them to the shape of the items. This keyring case is just one of them. Others can be seen in my Collections / Merchandise section.

Cardboard Daisy

I printed a nice cat model by using Pepakura Designer (check the Download page), and then followed the usual cardboard model making steps. And as a result, our sweet little Daisy got herself a cardboard twin now :)

AoE: ECG - Playing Set

This is my custom-made AoE: ECG playing set. I fit all the components necessary to play the game for 2-players in one bag. Embroidery patch, flexible counters tray, and soft surface plastic separator are made by me. I used faux-leather, felt, leather edge finish, velcro, scrap plastic etc.

Age o'Clock

I needed a new desk clock, and had some extra Age of Empires CDs at hand. Idea is simple, but does satisfy my instincts as both a CD collector and an AoE fan pretty well.
PS: No CDs were harmed during the process! :)

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