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Greetings from the Forgotten Chest! I made this section to upload some of my hobby stuff. I make no claims that the contents here are the best of their kind. They're here, because they deserved more than being forgotten in the deep corners of my archive. If they somehow inspire someone for their own free time hobbies, however, I'll consider that the purpose of this section is kind of fulfilled :) Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to share your opinions. Enjoy your visit!

My Collections

I simply love collecting! I first started this by getting video game CDs when I was a child. Instead of leaving it as a childhood habit, I kept expanding my collection as much as I could. I'm far from being a hardcode gamer, but I do have passion for some computer games. Take a look at the stuff that I've managed to collect about them over the years here.

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My Projects

I assume you are aware that the word "project" in such a page doesn't have extreme meanings :) Here I share only the fun works that I've spent time on and didn't expect anything more than the joy I got in the process. Creating something is one of my favourite activities to relieve some stress. Take a look at both of my unique and inspired free time works here.

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or just AQ
  • How long have you been collecting CDs?

    Since primary school years around late-1990s. I unfortunately don't remember the very first computer game I bought, but I know that my first original computer game in a retail box was Age of Empires 1. When I think about those days, one of the first things that comes to my mind is the priceless excitement of saving some pocket money to buy a game. I'm talking about the times when the original games are more expensive and more difficult to find (at least in where I lived).

  • Why do you collect those games specifically?

    Well, there's nothing like good childhood memories. Those games gave me very precious times in my childhood, and some are still. Taking a look at their CDs doesn't feel so much different than taking a look at a photo album with full of memories to me. I actually collect souvenirs, artworks, beer coasters, sea shells etc. too, but they're not well-ordered enough to exhibit here.

  • Did you really scan those images one by one?

    Exactly. All of them are scanned/taken by me. Last time I checked there are 300+ photos and 1200+ scans here, and I'm well aware that this doesn't seem like something only one person can do. But the thing is, I've been doing this task regularly whenever I acquire something new since the mid-2000s. Having digital copies of the things I own is my habit. And after I felt convinced that they had reached enough numbers, I decided to publish them here.

  • That "thing" seems really cool. Would you be interested in selling it to me?

    Sorry to let you know that the stuff I put on display in Forgotten Chest are not for sale. I never added something in my collection or made a fun project to sell it later for money. If I got duplicate items, I simply give them to someone as a present, or put them on ebay.

  • Collecting CDs and crafting some stuff. Is that all you do as a hobby?

    No, that's just the concept of Forgotten Chest. I also enjoy many of those activities that you'd name hobby in everyday life.

  • What are your Top 10 items in your collection?

    I'll make this list later. I promise :)

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