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Digital landscape keeps expanding its territory every day. Having a webpage is not only a requirement for grown companies any longer. Whether you run a small business in a small district, or a fancy shop in a fancy location, your brand needs you to consider the advantages of attracting the possible clients in the digital world all the same. Expert Digital Design offers online solutions for anyone who produces a service to sell or has a talent to present to the world. I am here to develop a comprehensive digital strategy exclusively for your brand with all my web experience!

Web Design

web design

Do you want to launch a new webpage, or improve your existing one? In Expert Digital Design there are solutions for both. Here you can explore my responsive webdesign offers and improvement services:

HTML Webpage web design business service

HTML Webpage

In Expert Digital Design webpage design solutions are split into two categories. The first one, HTML, defines my coded-webdesign service. With this method I professionally design your unique webpage from scratch by combining some of the most powerful web programming languages. You will be provided with a visually impressive and well-programmed webpage like no others.

+ Maximum speed page loadings
+ Full customization possibility
+ No periodical maintenance
+ Cheaper hosting costs

Wordpress Webpage web design business service

Wordpress Webpage

In my second webdesign service, Wordpress, I design an effective webpage by using Wordpress Content Management System and combining the most successful plugins in the market all together. You will be provided with a beautifully structured webpage the contents of which you will be allowed to edit by yourself anytime you need.

+ Fast designing services
+ Easy customization options
+ Piece of cake content management
+ Cheaper designing costs

Webpage Management web design business service

Webpage Management

So, you already have a webpage, but are not very much satisfied about its either outdated appearance or old contents? If it is a new spirit you are looking for, then you are fully covered with my webpage management service.

In Expert Digital Design it does not matter what kind of a webpage you have, or what theme it is built on. I am an experienced content manager who is able to save your webpage from any current struggle. Designing visual improvements, adding new features, generating thematic contents, performing technical updates etc. are some of the solutions included in this service.

SEO Solutions web design business service

SEO Solutions

Everyone would like to see their webpage at the top of Google results, especially if you are running a company and looking to attract more clients. If you want your website to be found, it needs to be indexed on major search engines and ranked highly. In order to achieve these goals all together, I offer the following methods in my SEO solutions for your webpage:

+ Advanced keyword research to find the best keywords for your field of business
+ Optimization of your main pages for your most important keyword including image file resizing, re-naming, and alt-text optimizing
+ Set up of Google Search Console and sitemap submitted, and more



In order to ensure that my clients have a pleasant journey with my services, and make it easy for them to track the working process, I follow these 3 principle steps in my projects:



Get in touch with me and let me know about the service you need help with. Soon after you will be answered with your very first consultation.



Once you have made your decision and purchased a service from me, I will start working on your personalized project, and keep you updated with examples.



After your final confirmation I will finalize the domain and server configurations, and upload the new webpage or update your existing webpage with my changes.

Although I am always happy to hear from my clients, I do not want them to waste their time composing a question, which has been asked previously by many others. Instead of answering with the same copy-paste messages which is not my way, I prepared this practical section where you can be informed about the most wondered questions:

How to purchase a service?

If you are interested in any of my services, feel free to send me your enquiry by using the contact form below, and let me know about the details of your desired service. My clients from Vienna, Austria additionally have the option of meeting me in person, and determine the service together with my free consultancy. If personal meeting is not an option for you, no worries; Expert Digital Design is an international association which means I will always be only a few clicks away from you whenever you require my assitance.

After the project specifications are determined, next step will be calculating the service costs and informing you about the payment procedures. After we come to the official agreement, most enjoyable part comes where I will actually start working for your project.

How long does it take to finish a Web Design?

Web Design is the most complex and time consuming service I offer. This is because designing a good looking and functional webpage at the same time is actually much more difficult than it looks. Unlike in Graphic Design, visuality is just the tip of the iceberg in Web Design. Whether it is an HTML or Wordpress design, when you look at a webpage, you actually see the output of systematically compiled computer codes. And any little mistake in these components (sometimes even just a comma "," we forget to add while coding) can break the entire layout and takes hours to figure out. That's why a webdesign process requires so much concentration, time to focus, and of course patience from both the designer and the client.

The opinions of the clients are also important factors influencing the duration since they are involved in reviewing the website, making change requests, and finalizing content. Depending on the complexity of a design, some changes will take a long time to complete, and may have to be tested several times before they are implemented into the whole webpage. It is not always easy to give a general estimated time to complete the entire webdesign process, but depending on the factors I mentioned above, it can take between 5 to 15 weeks for an HTML Webdesign, or 2 to 8 weeks for a Wordpress Webpage. Good design takes time, and I assure you it will be worth it.

Should I prefer HTML or Wordpress?

Both of HTML and Wordpress webpages have their own advantages and disadvantages. With a simple approach, HTML can be described as a coding language for designing webpages from scratch, and Wordpress a system to do the same with no programming knowledge at all. HTML is reinforced by other coding languages like CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP etc. to give better results, while Wordpress gets help from its ready-to-use plugins for each of the additional features. To help you making the right decision, let me list their significant pros and cons in a simple way:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is favored with its fast page loadings as it needs a very small amount of server resources, but designing an HTML webpage is a complex work that takes a long time and patience. It offers endless customization options where you can change everything on visual aspect pixel by pixel, but the process requires a programmer. It doesn't require periodical maintenance, so once your webpage is live you do not need to worry about its functionality again, but adding new contents in your webpage will be relatively difficult. It runs even on cheaper servers with minimum features, which means low monthly/annual expenses, but designing an HTML webpage costs more.

Wordpress is known with its helpful user interface that offers an easier and faster designing process, but page loadings can be slightly slower as it requires higher server resources in the background. After getting used to the interface, you can make visual changes on your webpage without the help of a programmer, but the options you have will be limited with the capabilities of the individual plugin. Adding new contents in a Wordpress webpage is more practical thanks to its plugin based structure, but this requires periodical maintenance to keep these third-party plugins up to date. Designing services for a Wordpress webpage are cheaper, but due to its high server requirements and optional plugin subscriptions the monthly/annual expenses are higher.

Requirements for Webpage Management and SEO Solutions?

No worries, Expert Digital Design is not somewhere the clients are annoyed with many technical questions. My web improving services such as Webpage Management and SEO Solutions require only some basic login infos in order to have access to the administration panels of your webpage. If you do not have them already noted on a paper or in your e-mail inbox, you can probably obtain them with ease by contacting your hosting provider or former web developer. These are the possible login infos I need you to get ready for any case, if you are interested in my web improvement services:

+ FTP host address, port, username, and password
+ E-mail and password used to login the main control panel by hosting provider
+ Wp-login username and passford (Required only if you have a Wordpress webpage)
+ Authorization Code or Auth-Code or EPP-Code (Required only if you want to change your domain/hosting provider)

More customers guaranteed after SEO?

This is a typical myth about SEO services. SEO, a.k.a. Seach Engine Optimization, is a series of optimizations on your webpage to make it work with the search engine mechanics in a better harmony. When you purchase a SEO service, the primary goal is configuring your webpage, making it more recognized by Google, and of course, getting it on the first pages of the search results. SEO is not about your customers or your position in the local market directly, but about the code/keyword sequence that affects the popularity of your webpage in the search engines.

So, if the question is "More customers guaranteed after SEO?", I am not sure if there is anyone who can make such a promise... But if you ask "More visitors guaranteed after SEO?" instead, the answer I give will be absolutely positive.



Do not postpone the future of your business. Contact me now and get your first consultation. Expert Digital Design is ready whenever you are!

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