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Information Technology plays a crucial role in the daily routine of the business life. Regardless of what service it is used for, today everything regarding it is critical for the success of a company. We live in a time where it is not important whether we are able to use computer or not, but how efficiently we use it. Based on my Media Informatics education and advanced computing experience of many years, I offer my IT Support at your service. If you are having trouble with your business computer, or just want to benefit the blessings of IT more effectively in your company, I will be happy to assist you.

IT Support

it support

Information Technology encompasses too wide variety of subjects for one to master all. Software and Hardware are two pillars of IT, and these are the subjects in which I have the most experience and success in professional business:


Software refers to the digital components of IT. In the list below you can explore my Software services:

Programming software related it support business service


I offer coding services for C++, Java, Php, Javascript, Python and so on in various fields.

ERP Consultancy software related it support business service

ERP Consultancy

If you are having difficulty to handle your business, let me assist you with system management solutions.

Localization software related it support business service


Would you like to introduce your product, webpage or entire brand to the other countries?

Software Assistance software related it support business service

Software Assistance

If you have tasks to do in your computer, but don't know how, I may know the answer.


Hardware refers to the physical components of IT. In the list below you can explore my Hardware services:

Data Recovery hardware related it support business service

Data Recovery

I offer a professional recovery service to bring back your lost files from your internal or external hard drives.

Laptop Repair hardware related it support business service

Laptop Repair

If your laptop doesn't work properly, or doesn't work at all, no worries, doctor is here!

System Upgrade hardware related it support business service

System Upgrade

If you think your hardware is outdated, let's see what we can do to bring it up to date.

Hardware Assistance hardware related it support business service

Hardware Assistance

I will be happy to assist you in your computer hardware related issues.



In order to ensure that my clients have a pleasant journey with my services, and make it easy for them to track the working process, I follow these 3 principle steps in my projects:



Get in touch with me and let me know about the service you need help with. Soon after you will be answered with your very first consultation.



Once you have made your decision and purchased a service from me, I will start working on the best available solution for your enquiry.



After your final confirmation I will either hand in your personalized IT solution in person or deliver the components to your preferred address.

Although I am always happy to hear from my clients, I do not want them to waste their time composing a question, which has been asked previously by many others. Instead of answering with the same copy-paste messages which is not my way, I prepared this practical section where you can be informed about the most wondered questions:

How to purchase a service?

If you are interested in any of my services, feel free to send me your enquiry by using the contact form below, and let me know about the details of your desired service. My clients from Vienna, Austria additionally have the option of meeting me in person, and determine the service together with my free consultancy. If personal meeting is not an option for you, no worries; Expert Digital Design is an international association which means I will always be only a few clicks away from you whenever you require my assitance.

After the project specifications are determined, next step will be calculating the service costs and informing you about the payment procedures. After we come to the official agreement, most enjoyable part comes where I will actually start working for your project.

What is IT Support?

IT, aka. Information Technology, is the use of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange the forms of electronic data. Typically, IT is used in the context of business operations, as opposed to technology used for personal or entertainment purposes.

IT Support specialize in answering computer related questions, gathering information and directing troubleshooting efforts for both of Hardware and Software. IT Support often includes IT asset and change management, helping admins with procurement, handling backup and recovery of data and applications, monitoring and analyzing problems and following established support workflows.

What are the functions in Software services?

In my Programming service, I offer my full stack development knowledge in C++, Java, Php, Javascript, Python and so on at your service. If you require a custom-made program, private assistance in your own projects, or any other service related these programming languages, you can contact me.

ERP Consultancy covers my complete assistance in researching, testing, and installing an ERP software for your company computers. ERP, aka. Enterprise Resource Planning, softwares are more complex than most of others, and require several preliminary preparations to be done before getting them ready to use. In this service, I handle all the arrangements and save you from all the procedural steps.

Localization means technical translation between foreign languages of your product, webpage, software, advertise or any other material associated with your brand. At the moment, Expert Digital Design offers localization services between English, German, Turkish, Italian and French.

In the scope of Software Asistance, I offer general software consultancy for my clients. Within this service, you are kindly invited to tell me the software oriented task that you are intended to achieve, then close your computer and step away while I am doing my magic. I do not claim to meet every kind of request, of course, but I will be happy to help with my extensive software knowledge to solve your issue.

What are the functions in Hardware services?

Data Recovery is a very sensitive work and requires extreme care. In lucky conditions, sometimes it can be possible to bring the lost data by digital methods, but most of the time it requires a physical operation, especially if the storage device is no more functional. Due to the sector-based structure of the hard disk drives, success is not 100% guaranteed in this service. In all cases, it is strongly recommended to avoid making any physical or digital change on the device after the incident, and contact me immediately.

My Laptop Repair service refers to the complete hardware maintenance and replacement. Success is guaranteed, however, service duration can sometimes be longer than expected due to the excessive process of obtaining the compatible replacement parts for the specific laptop model.

System Upgrade service is for those who are looking to improve their computer hardware. Although upgrading is more common for desktop computers, I offer professional assistance for laptops as well. First I perform a deep inspection on your device, and determine its hardware limits. According to the results, I can make it possible to replace its chipset with even more advanced alternatives that offer more speed, capacity and quality. Who told you that you have to throw your old computer and buy a new one to stay up to date?

In my Hardware Asistance, I offer general hardware consultancy for my clients. If you cannot decide which IT device to buy or what specifications you will require more, feel free to ask for my help. In this service, we make a checklist with my clients to determine which qualifications they favor the most in their future device, and after gathering enough information, I help them to decide by comparing the best options in the market. Although I do not claim to have an answer for every kind of hardware related question, I will be happy to assist you with my wide hardware knowledge in your situation.

How is the pricing in IT Support services?

I want to be very transparent in this subject. While anyone in IT field finds it ridiculous, sometimes some people fall into the trap of believing that support related works should not be done in exchange for money, but as a favor. Today, computers are the devices that almost everyone is familiar with, however, no professional IT project can happen by itself professionally without a specialist. I love my work, and obviously money is not my main motivation. However, it doesn't change the ultimate fact that we, IT specialists, also have to pay our bills, buy programs for our trade, and eat - just like you.

All IT services have their own pricing calculation based on the client's needs, and meeting these needs is a matter of education, experience, research, time etc. All these terms are directly proportional to the pricing, and the most accurate answer for the prices lies in the contact section, where you can explain me the service you are interested in and let me calculate the fees for your project exclusively.



Do not postpone the future of your business. Contact me now and get your first consultation. Expert Digital Design is ready whenever you are!

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