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Visual arts are the heart of advertising. Where the work quality is the prime key to success in business, a good visual impression is the most effective multiplier. Whether we want to accept it or not, appearance matters so much in working life, and your brand is the face of your company. Expert Digital Design offers you unique ideas to improve the visual composition of your brand. Here you can find every kind of information you may wonder about my Graphic Design services!

Graphic Design

graphic design

Graphic Design may sound too wide for those who are not familiar with this field. If you don't know where to start improving your brand, in the list below you can see the most preferred Graphic Design services I offer:

Brand Logo graphic design business service

Brand Logo

Business Card graphic design business service

Business Card

Flyer graphic design business service


Brochure graphic design business service


Stamp graphic design business service


Billboard graphic design business service


Storefront Advertising graphic design business service

Storefront Advertising

Packaging graphic design business service


Resume / CV graphic design business service

Resume / CV

Image Editing graphic design business service

Image Editing



In order to ensure that my clients have a pleasant journey with my services, and make it easy for them to track the working process, I follow these 3 principle steps in my projects:



Get in touch with me and let me know about the service you need help with. Soon after you will be answered with your very first consultation.



Once you have made your decision and purchased a service from me, I will start working on your personalized project, and keep you updated with examples.



After your final confirmation I will convert the design into the agreed format. Your design will be delivered to you either digitally or in person.

Although I am always happy to hear from my clients, I do not want them to waste their time composing a question, which has been asked previously by many others. Instead of answering with the same copy-paste messages which is not my way, I prepared this practical section where you can be informed about the most wondered questions:

How to purchase a service?

If you are interested in any of my services, feel free to send me your enquiry by using the contact form below, and let me know about the details of your desired service. My clients from Vienna, Austria additionally have the option of meeting me in person, and determine the service together with my free consultancy. If personal meeting is not an option for you, no worries; Expert Digital Design is an international association which means I will always be only a few clicks away from you whenever you require my assitance.

After the project specifications are determined, next step will be calculating the service costs and informing you about the payment procedures. After we come to the official agreement, most enjoyable part comes where I will actually start working for your project.

How long does it take to finish a Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a sensitive job that requires a lot of time, dedication and attention to the details. A successful result relies on understanding the clients and their needs with the service that they ask for help. Even though my clients are often impressed by my creation speed, the answer for this question is based on various conditions. Sometimes a project can take a day, while others may take weeks to complete depending on the complexity, number of components, printing process, designing schedules, and even the way that the clients describe their enquiry to me.

I love my job, and I love making the best for my clients. I am very much used to skip my lunch times, and sacrifice a portion of my sleep whenever necessary, but I need you to be patient in any case. Good design takes time, and I assure you it will be worth it.

How to receive the completed project?

Delivery options vary on location, service type and client preferences. Unless otherwise specified I usually deliver the digital projects directly via e-mail. For the physical/printed projects I prefer shipping via Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG) to any worldwide destination. For my clients located in Vienna, Austria, I even offer an exclusive montage service for the requiring projects such as Billboard and Storefront Advertising with my business partners specialized in montage. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

How is the customer satisfaction policy?

Graphic Design is a personalization/customisation business, so the opinions of my clients and their needs are my prior guides in this work. I ask for their feedbacks about the current progress of the design as often as necessary. With this method I make sure that everything goes as planned, and prevent any kind of disappointment for neither them nor myself once the project is ready.

I offer services for every budget. The quality of the materials I use are proportional to the prices just like in other business models, however, unlike some of them the value I place on satisfaction is not measured by the price. I take great care of all my projects, and never let my clients face an unsatisfying work.

How to be a cooperative Graphic Design client?

This is obviously not a question that I have ever been asked before, let alone a frequently asked question. However, since Graphic design is not a profession that everyone is expected to know the production process of, I would like to clarify some parts.

Although we love the impression that most graphic designers are mind-reading psychics, it is not true at all. We are normal people just like you (most of us, at least), and we also are in need of a clear explanation to understand what our clients want to see on a particular design. We need them to let us know the parts they like and don't like on a design in time. In Expert Digital Design my main focus is to make my clients successful, and communication is the best way to accomplish that goal.



Do not postpone the future of your business. Contact me now and get your first consultation. Expert Digital Design is ready whenever you are!

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